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How to determine finger size:

  • Whitney Boin rings are comfort fit. This means that the inside of the band has a round surface. This feels more comfortable to the wearer because there is less metal touching the skin.

  • A Whitney Boin comfort ring may feel 1/8 to 1/4 size larger to the wearer than a conventional ring of the same finger size.

  • Whitney Boin wide bands (6.0mm through 9.5mm) may feel tighter because wide bands have more metal touching the skin than the narrow bands.

  • Whitney Boin comfort fit bands are sized by sizing to the CENTER LINE as measured on a standard ring mandrel. This in turn corresponds directly to the VIGOR BRAND standard sizing ring.

  • When determining a finger size, customers should to try on the sizing ring band that feels most comfortable. The band should go over the knuckle without force. The band should tug on the knuckle when removed.

  • For rings designs with an opening in the band, as in style 401 or 500, we size to the LEADING EDGE, or just above the size line on the mandrel. This compensates for the extra space allowed by the design.

       We size in this manner as a general rule and make every effort to process your requests for specific adjustments

       like ‘tight,’ ‘scant,’ ‘full,’ +/-, or inside diameters when indicated.

Download our printable Ring Sizer Tool

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